A Good Monument Sign Will Deliver Customers To Your Door!!

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The most important factor that defines the success or failure of a business is how its resources are being utilized. The front for your business is a precious real estate that can make a serious impact on how your customers perceive your brand. But are you making the most of it? Is your storefront or business front tempting people to visit your doors? If not, get a monument sign for your business. Will it be enough? No, it won’t but combined with other outdoor signs, monument signs can do wonders for businesses.

What Are they?

Monument signs are huge outdoor signs that are structured on a solid surface, mostly ground. They last for a long term and requires a one-time investment and small maintenance over time. When done right, monument signs can become a symbol for brands and help them create a unique identity against their competitors. They have a huge application and are used by many businesses like hotels, corporate campuses, shopping malls, universities and more. There is no bar when it comes to the design of custom monument signs. They are available in many different materials and each one offers a different outlook to a brand.

What Do they Do?

If your business is located on a busy road that is being used by your target audience, a monument sign would be a great option to catch their attention. You must remember, custom monument signs are a long-term investment, so while you are getting one for your business, be very specific about the shape size, design, material, and all related details. In a way, they help customers perceive your brand and make an image of your business. For example – Luxury Hotels will always have huge monument signs that reflect the kind of service one can expect from them. Schools or Hospitals will have a neat and clean design that reflects assurance.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can select the type of monument sign that suits your requirements. Here are the 5 major types of monument signs:

Illuminated Monument Signs: Also known as digital monument signs, they have digital displays installed at the place of sign letters. These signs are best for businesses that operate 24×7 or mainly during the dark. For instance, Hospitals, Hotels, Bars Shopping Malls, etc.

Outdoor Directory Signs: The purpose of these signs is not to advertise but to guide visitors in the right direction. They are usually placed outside shopping malls, parking lots, residential areas and so on.

Pylon Signs: Have you noticed those tall thick signs on the roadside that are filled with multiple business logos? Yes, they are known as pylon signs. They are used to draw attention to the people driving by.

Post & Panel Signs: They are designed to provide proper directions. They are designed in a way that anyone passing them can get a quick idea of the things around them. They can be illuminated to perform better at night.

Architectural Monument Signs: They are made to represent the structure grandly and catch the attention of the people passing by. They are generally made with high-quality materials that deliver exotic finish. They are used by luxury hotels, shopping malls, luxury apartments and so on.

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