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The world’s most successful businesses know how important it is to refresh their product and service offerings because what worked in the past is rarely optimized for the present. However, it is just as important — and as profitable — for businesses to refresh their office signage, so they send a clear and powerful message to customers, employees, and visitors that the best is yet to come.

While every business is unique and operates in a specific marketplace context, here are three powerful and proven options to refresh your office signage:

Lobby Signs

Lobby signs do much more than inform customers and other visitors to where they are. On a deeper and more influential level, they also convey your business’s brand signature – and make an impression that is either positive and memorable, or negative and forgettable. Refreshing your lobby signage is affordable, can be taken care of during off-hours to eliminate disruption to employees and customers, and can be fully customized with your business’s logo, colors, font, and tagline.

Electronic Message Centers

Electric message centers and other types of advanced digital signage are ideal if you want to get noticed and stand out in a crowded marketplace, and if you need a highly-conspicuous night presence for your commercial signs. You can choose to install a large electronic message center outside of your office to engage foot and vehicle traffic or install a smaller version inside your office to greet visitors, convey custom announcements, etc.


Custom banners are perfect if you need quick and highly affordable office signage to highlight a sale, promotion, new product launch, grand opening, anniversary, milestone – or any other special event. Plus, you can easily pack banners and take them to tradeshows, community events, and anywhere else.

Refresh your office signs with Us

The above are just some of the many types of commercial signs that can dramatically yet affordably refresh your office signage, and clearly send the message that the best days for your business are ahead — not behind!

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