The Power Of Superior Store Signs To Boost Sales

Store Signs
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Every store needs outdoor signage. But most businesses are looking for more than just basic store signs, and want to invest in something that is not only effective but that also uniquely represents their business. Mosaico Signs is a professional and experienced sign company in Phoenix, AZ that can work with you to make store signs that help your business stand out from the rest. Superior outdoor signs, such as monument signs or channel letters, should be considered a worthwhile investment in your business as they have a direct impact on increasing your bottom line.

Store signs have very important jobs. When done well, they should be able to attract and convert customers, as well as retain customers you already have. They increase visibility, add to the aesthetic of your storefront and help increase brand awareness – all elements that contribute to increasing sales. However, finding the right store signs to do all that can feel like an overwhelming task. With the right signage partner, your vision can be brought to life and you can have top quality store signs that represent your brand.

How To Choose The Right Store Signs

When you are deciding on what type of professional store signs you need for your business, think outside the normal realm of what is typically used. While most business owners know that some type of storefront signage is a necessity, there are many options beyond a typical sign that will have a much bigger impact on getting customers to walk through your doors and make a purchase.
As you search for the right sign for your store, consider these options:

  • Pylon sign that can make your store sign highly visible from great distances.
  • Channel letters that help cement the name of your store in the minds of consumers.
  • A monument sign that showcases professionalism and help builds trust with your audience.
  • A bright LED sign that allows you to be seen at all hours of the day and night.Banners and flags that promote special events, sales, and seasonal products.

Making Your Store Signs Stand Out

As mentioned, in order for your store signs to be able to improve your bottom line, you need to push things beyond the basics. The wording and images you use for your store signs can directly impact how effective they’ll be at drawing passersby into your location. Superior signage should:

  • Be brief and to the point.
    People getting used to shorter and shorter messages thanks to texting and social media.
  • Be clear.
    The font type and the images you choose shouldn’t make the sign feel cluttered.
  • Move customers to action.
    Use words like ‘you or yours’ to help customers visualize themselves using your products or services. State why customers should be buying your product. What problem will it solve?
    Show your brand’s personality or add a bit of humor. Customers will remember something that made them smile, laugh or think.
  • Be visible as much as possible.
    Think about what angle, size or shape will be seen the most. LED signs provide added visibility and recognition for those locations housed in saturated or busy traffic areas.

Signage is more than just getting your name out into the world. There are infinite opportunities that professional store signs can provide for your retail brand. We can provide you with ideas, support and signage solutions that will make marketing your business more effectively.

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