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Springtime is a great time to complete a signage audit as part of your spring cleaning task list. Making sure that all of your outdoor signs are up to date and accurate is an important part of ensuring that your business makes a positive first impression. When you’re trying to build your business and attract new customers, an old outdated sign promoting last summer’s sale is not going to help!

What To Look For During A Spring Sign Audit

Even if the outdoor signs used for your business look to be in decent shape, they need to be audited at least once a year to ensure that they still include the correct information. Wayfinding signage and any outdoor signs that represent your business are key tools in your branding and promotional efforts, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure that they’re consistent and accurate.

When you complete a spring sign audit, here are some things to pay attention to:

  • Is the logo used on all of your business signs, from storefront outdoor signs to directional signs, the correct version? If your logo design or logo colors have changed, your signage needs to be updated.
  • Do your wayfinding signs still accurately let people know where to go? Ask someone to do a walk through using your outdoor directional signs and make sure that the information given is easy to follow.
  • Scan any signage used for promotions, sales or limited time offers. Any signs that reference something that is no longer in effect should be removed.
  • Is your contact information still correct and up to date on all your outdoor signs? Your hours of operation, phone number, email address, and social media details should be audited for accuracy.
  • Are any of your signs cracked, peeling or damaged? If so, make arrangements to have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

(BRAND NAME) Offers Many Outdoor Sign Options

If you’re looking to upgrade or replace your outdoor signs, some top choices include channel letters, fascia signs, and pylon signs. In order to make sure your business is properly represented, consider:

  • Showcasing your company name using illuminated channel letters.
  • Installing a monument sign to help build a positive reputation in your community.
  • Using a fascia sign to draw attention to your retail store.
  • Adding dimensional numbers and letters to clearly indicate your building address.
  • Making use of wayfinding signs to indicate parking or delivery areas.

If you’ve realized that there are some things that need to be updated when it comes to your outdoor signs, we would love to help. We specialize in making sure your area business will have professional looking signage that best represents your brand and business values. With experience designing just about every type of sign, we’ll work with you to make sure you get what your business needs. Contact us today to request a consultation.

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