The Important of Custom Lobby Signs for Business

Custom Lobby Signs
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Every time someone enters your lobby, your brand has the opportunity to make an impression on them. That impression could create sales, a partnership, or press, all benefiting your business. However, if your lobby doesn’t create an impression, you’re much less likely to succeed.

Lobby signs for businesses help capture attention, create brand awareness, and make your lobby a more pleasant place to be. If you want to achieve these goals, you’ll need a custom lobby sign in Huntsville.

Customize Your Lobby Sign

A lobby sign can be customized to fit the exact look and feel of your brand. A well-designed lobby sign is more than just your logo placed on your wall. When mounted well, it seems to jump out and catch the eye of every visitor.  Its color scheme and shape should fit in with your lobby space and the other décor around it. Dozens of little design decisions can make your custom lobby sign more impactful.  Here are just two:

  1. Material

Your lobby sign can be designed with virtually any material, including:

  • Metal
  • Acrylic
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Foam
  • Laminate
  • Glass

We find that some of the most powerful lobby signs combine materials to achieve unique looks. Consider the lobby sign we made for Asura Risk & Insurance Services. We combined two materials to heighten contrast and make their lobby sign more distinct. The first half is vivid acrylic in the company’s orange and blue. The second half is metal that shimmers to catch the eye.

  • Color

You already choose a color for your logo, so how well can your lobby sign reflect that color? Perfectly. Just look at the lobby sign we made for the hair stylists Primp and Blow. The lobby sign has the same vivid, sky blue as the rest of their marketing assets.

We even paired the blue with a subtle silver, and finished the whole sign with a lacquer that helps the sign create a high-end environment. We’ll keep your business lobby sign true to color as well.

Choose (BRAND NAME) For A Faithful Lobby Sign

Custom lobby signs for businesses are valuable assets that help you attract attention and make sales. That is, so long as they are faithful to your brand image and needs. Partner with for the design skills that can get you a faithful custom lobby signs in Libertyville, IL.

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