Three Unique Ideas For Your Car Wrap

Car Wrap
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Using a car wrap to advertise a business and increase brand awareness has become an extremely popular option. With a commercial vehicle wraps or vinyl lettering, companies can bring their advertising efforts to new levels at an affordable cost. Car wraps can be extremely visually appealing, so it’s not surprising that they garner the positive attention most businesses are after. However, once you decide that your business could benefit from vehicle wraps, how do you know which design concepts to consider? To start, the type of car wrap that will most benefit your business will depend on the type of business and vehicle you have, but there are some unique ideas worth considering.

Top Commercial Car Wrap Ideas To Get Your Business Noticed

Working with a signage expert is the most effective way to ensure you get a professional car wrap that represents your business and truly helps you grow your reach. With regular maintenance, high quality vehicle wraps and vinyl lettering shouldn’t peel or crack. Additionally, when installed properly your wrap should appear smooth with no bubbling. Once you’ve found the right signage partner to help you create your car wrap, talk to them about some of the top unique options for making sure your newly wrapped vehicle can’t be missed.

  1. Create an illusion.

If you’re looking for a really unique idea for your commercial car wrap, why not create an illusion with the design? While this concept may not be right for every business, it certainly can be an effective advertising tool as it causes people to pay more attention to what they see than just a quick glance on their way by.

  • Wrap the windows.

Car wraps work well on the exterior of just about any vehicle, but they can also be applied to side and rear windows. Having the windows covered can create a more cohesive look. For vehicles that have multiple side windows, like vans, commercial vehicle wraps on the windows can be particularly useful.

  • Make the car wrap represent the product.

Similar to using an illusion to grab attention, using a wrap to transform vehicles into the product you’re promoting can help gain attention. For example, if your product is food related, then you could use a wrap to make the vehicle look like an item from your menu. This will go a long way in showcasing your items, while also putting a smile on the face of passersby.

Start Using Commercial Car Wraps To Increase Your Business Exposure

The main purpose of using commercial vehicle wraps is to gain exposure and increase your customer base. Using this type of visual signage can go a really long way in drawing in new customers, but it’s important to make sure you’re using a high quality wrap that looks professional and is easy to read. When designing a car wrap, it’s best to limit the amount of text, use your brand colors, and ensure that your brand message is clear. We has experience and knowledge in designing and installing car wraps that work. If you own a business and are considering wrapping your vehicle, contact us today!

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